The benefits of Intergenerational Relationships



Young children: benefit by increased flexibility in thinking and imagine. Making new connections of meanings. Gaining concrete experience with visual, spatial and mathematical relationships. Solving Problems

Older adults: Exercise flexibility in thinking and imagination. Making new connections of meanings, (critical thinking). Recognize surprises, alter ideas and habits, expectations are challenged. Problem solving.


Young children: express ideas and negoiate with peers (language development) They learn what is acceptable behavior and behavior in the culture. They learn to share and compromise, respond to others and make friends.

Older adults: They express ideas and articulate convincing arguments. They share perspectives based on life experiences. They learn to adapt and change, while making new friends and keeping the old.


Young children: Practice and consolidate small and gross motor skills. Oxygenate and stimulate blood flow to the brain. They gain concrete experience with relationships of weight, size, distance etc. There is an increase in control over tools and materials

Older adults: They exercise small and large muscles. Oxygenate and stimulate blood flow to the brain. They maintain a measure of control over the world.


Young children: They interact with others and learn to express feelings appropriately. They work through emotionally charged experiences. They experiment with new roles for self, learn to show empathy and build self esteem.

Older adults: They interact with others and express feelings, (combating depression), they review life (integrity vs despair), they imagine new roles for self, (growth), express empathy ( give love or perish)and they build self esteem.

Dr. Ed Klugman

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