Study this chart from the NIH….. Intergenerational Centers are part of the solution.

graph2 pdf

This chart made me stop and look a couple of times. It came from the NIH, (National Institute of Health). It is nicely color coded for the different generations. The Baby Boomer’s (tan)certainly hit the jackpot as far as quantity goes, but the Millenials (blue) and Gen Z (Green) did spike a few million births.

What was most interesting to me, after studying the chart was the 2 somewhat random lines, the grey one and a black one.  They represent our aging population. We are in the calm before the storm  relatively speaking and the spike in volume is impending, down the road a few years.

I was recently at a luncheon in Boca Raton with ALF builders, operators, Bankers etc and everyone agreed on one point, ‘no one is ready for this’.

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