the economics

Riverside Commons

This project is in its formulation phase.

The 3.5 acres of beautifully wooden land is available. There is a $150K note on the property. The value of the land is estimated to be $750k.

Child care cost per month:

Preschool:  $12,000 per year:    based on M-F 8:30am to 3:30pm

Adult day care: $17,280 per year:   based on M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm


Assisted living costs: $36, 540 and up per year

Home Health Care: $42,328 per year

Home Health Care Aide: $45,188 per year

Nursing Home, semi private room: $89,060 per year

Nursing Home, private room: $100,375 per year

Adult Day Care is a program for adults who need supervision, care and support during the daytime while their caretaker(s) rest or work. Adult Day Care is a professional and cost-effective alternative to nursing home care or private sitters.  Our preschool part of the building is designed to be a Montessori classroom for 3 to 6 year olds. They are at a wonderful age, learning about themselves with open hearts for elders.

Adult day care needs 45 sq ft of net floor space per participant.  Child  Day care requires 25 sq ft per child indoors, and 75 sq ft per child outdoors.

This project is currently configured for a maximum of 40 adults and 30#/- children. `
The building size is 7000 sq ft, and a 30,000 sq ft Assisted Living Center.
Estimated price to build: $6,900,000.

 Generations United with grant from METLIFE Foundation published a handbook:  UNDER ONE ROOF: a guide to starting and strengthening intergenerational shared site programs.

St Ann’s Center for Intergenerational Care in Milwaukee, published a guide for creating an intergenerational day services center ” CARING FOR GENERATIONS”

Bilbiographies and Resources are available in both publications.