Could this be the final chapter?

Is this the final chapter?


I could write a book about what brought me to these insurmountable obstacles but I will spare my readers from having to read it and summarize the story. It goes as follows after the discovering a need, which was the easy part.

At more or less the same time last month, I got my hands on data re: Intergenerational Centers in the USA. There was none like I had envisioned. Just about every one was affiliated with either a school, nursing home, foundation, community center, university etc.

Then, after working with brokers, engineers, architects and St John’s Water Management,  it became apparent that for many reasons  the project as envisioned was unsustainable.  We then worked on how to remedy the situation and the new plan became too big for the property we own and the new design was unworkable.

As mentioned earlier, the need is still there, the market survey was done. It is not going to work on our land but it would work somewhere else. And I hope it does.



1 thought on “Could this be the final chapter?

  1. Judy, What a heartbreaking disappointment. You have worked so hard, so long, for such a noble cause. I do think your work will bear fruit; although in a different form than you had envisioned.You have my admiration and support,



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