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The caregivers who need to provide care for the elders, the elders themselves and their young children.


Many caregivers are often sandwiched between caring for their aging parents and their young children while holding down a job. When they get stuck, the consequences are loss of income, stress, worry, concern and they are often overwhelmed. Their concerns are for their parents and for their young children.

Their children are sent to school often times with before and after school care. They are surrounded by children all day long.

The elders are either home alone without a lack of purpose in life, there are safety issues, loneliness and depression sets in from a lack of socialization. If they are already in independent or assisted living facilities they are surrounded by other old people and often times stuck in a room down the hall

Intergenerational care brings these two isolated groups together. The Montessori method is helpful to both groups. The purpose of a Montessori preschool is to help children develop within themselves the foundation for a lifetime of creative learning, i.e. to develop the basic ideas, attitudes and skills essential for success in school and in life. Montessori for the elders meets each individual where they are, and provides stimulating activities and interactions for them. The times that elders and children get to spend together is nothing short of magical and uplifting.


– is to provide a clean, safe, comfortable environment where children can be children in their classroom, and elders can be comfortable in their spacious room. To create a place where the children and elders will have opportunity to be with each other in the great room for planned activities throughout the day. The great room will also host after school care.

Intergenerational activities combat age segregation which is so prevalent in today’s society. An intergenerational care center is the most cost effective way to care for our elderly population and the Montessori classroom is competitively priced.

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