10 Benefits of Intergenerational Bonding


Intergenerational bonding is good for everyone, and also has many benefits starting from improving the immune system to enhancing social intelligence.

  1. It provides an opportunity for both to learn new skills.
  2. It gives the child and the older adult a sense of purpose.
  3. Helps children to understand and later accept their own aging.
  4. Engaging with children invigorates and energizes older adults.
  5. It prevents the isolation and loneliness of older adults.
  6. Intergenerational sharing helps in keeping family stories and history alive.
  7. It is an aid in cognitive stimulation as well as broadening social circles especially when the youth introduce technology into the life of older adults.
  8. It also improves mental health so that they can perform better on memory tests, and those with dementia also experience positive effects.
  9. It reduces feelings of sadness as these are experiences they enjoy and look forward to.
  10. It increases their self-worth and self-esteem along with improved performance.

Developing connections with a younger generation can help older adults feel a greater sense of fulfillment.

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