My dog Buddy and I went to visit our 91 year old friend and drop of an Amarylis bulb for Christmas. Carol was in line to see the visiting dermatologist so we took her place in line and I said I would wait for her.

I lovely woman was sitting next to me on the line. She reminded me of my Mom. We started chatting about the dog first, as always. He was being stubborn for some reason, but we continued. I learned that she was 87, and came down here 40 years ago leaving the freeezing winters of upstate New York. Now just thinking of the cold makes her cold. We talked about memories. She said she had 2 strokes and her memories were either gone or jumbled up in her head. Speaking of living in the present!

Carol  was done.  I said good bye to my new friend, and we sent off to her room where I got the Amarylis bulb in the pot for her.  Carol opened a Christmas Card, but couldn’t remember who the sender was, but knew they were nice people.

All it takes is to just be there.

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