Here’s an example of what we have planned for Brevard. If they can do it, we can do it, too!


Ebenezer Intergenerational Day Program,
Burnsville, Minn.

Intergenerational Day Program at Ebenezer Ridges

Stock_withFamily19_LrgVert_FAN1005091This innovative program provides day care for young children and includes interaction with participants in an adult day program for seniors. Something magical happens every day at the Ebenezer Intergenerational Day Program when the young and the old spend time together. As they help each other and learn from one another, an unmistakable bond forms that rises above differences in age and ability. Here you will find more information about enrolling in the Adult Day program, and here about the Child Care program.

Set on the Ebenezer Ridges Campus in Burnsville, our adult day program participants gather daily in a designated space with toddlers and preschoolers from our child care program. Whether they are singing songs, baking cookies or making crafts together, one thing is for sure: there is never a shortage of happy smiles and laughter.

Our intergenerational space includes:

  • A computer center 
  • Games, toys and puzzles 
  • A plentiful supply of books to read by the fireplace 
  • An area for arts and crafts 
  • Kitchen area for baking cookies 
  • Outdoor playground and patio 

Why it works
Building on Ebenezer’s faith-based heritage, our intergenerational program helps bridge the generation gap. Children learn respect for older adults and compassion for their physical limitations. Older adults maintain self-worth by sharing their lives and experiences. Children bring life, spirit and joy to seniors on the campus, keeping them young at heart. The attention and encouragement of seniors helps children flourish. 

Ebenezer Ridges Intergenerational Program received national recognition two years in a row. The 2009 Generations United Shared Site Award and the 2010 Generations United/MetLife Foundation Intergenerational Shared Site Excellence Award recognize excellence in bringing generations together.

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