Notice the date: 1998, 18 years ago and we still don’t have one.

  1. In 1998, AARP released the results of their survey of intergenerational shared sites which laid out the range of shared site program possibilities and reported the most com- mon varieties. Of the 281 shared site programs identified in the AARP study, they noted 72 distinct program models (combinations of older adult and children/youth services). The most prevalent model was the nursing home/child care center model, with 42 such sites identified in the study. The second most common model was the adult day services center/child care center model with 34 sites identified. Multi-level care facilities with onsite child care were identified in 17 sites.3 To this date, this is the only national survey of shared site programs completed. Generations United has learned of at least 30 additional shared site programs that either were not captured by the survey or have developed in the past 8 years.Although intergenerational shared sites typically serve participants that are under the age of 12 and over the age of 50, there are also programs that serve middle school, high school and even college-age youth and young adults. Shared sites can serve partici- pants with all levels of physical and mental abilities including older adults with demen- tia, and children and adults with disabilities. Age and developmentally appropriate activities with specific goals can be developed accordingly to accommodate the abilities and needs of the participants.

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