The term “community” refers to a geographic area with defined borders and resident populations for which reliable demographic data is available. This could include metropolitan areas, cities, towns, counties, zip codes, neighborhoods and school districts.

The term “intergenerational community” refers to a place that (1) provides adequately for the safety, health, education and basic necessities of life for people of all ages; (2) promotes programs, policies, and practices that increase cooperation, interaction, and exchange between people of different generations; and (3) enables all ages to share their talents and resources, and support each other in relationships that benefit both individuals and their community.

An intergenerational community is not just one where
multiple generations reside. It is one where individuals of all
ages are an integral and valued part of the setting. This
perspective is reflected in the families, structures, facilities
and services that children and older adults encounter in the community, as well as in day-to-day interactions and relationships. Partnerships are essential to intergenerational communities and can be between local government, senior citizen homes, schools, businesses, local cultural and community organizations and services, families, older adults and children. An intergenerational community builds on the positive resources that each generation has to offer each other and those around them. It advances policies and practices that both acknowledge and promote intergenerational interdependence.

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