Here is an example of a successful Intergenerational Program on going for 17 years!

KELC intergenerational program has been developed over the past seventeen years through the strong support of Kendal at Oberlin’s Resident Community. Their commitment to promote a sense of community, to welcome diversity, and to embrace continuous learning is exhibited in their support of our program. It is one of their finest examples of community sharing and collaboration. Children enrolled in our program are welcomed into a wide variety of wonderful intergenerational experiences.

Oberlin Intergeneration Program

Examples of Intergenerational Experiences

  • Greeting a resident friend on the way to explore on the Kendal grounds
  • Delivering a special valentine or get-well card to a special “grand friend” cottage.
  • Experiencing the one-to-one support of a resident volunteer during the morning preschool curriculum (i.e. a special story in quiet area, or help to create a John Deere tractor from a cardboard box, an extra pair of hands on a walk to the Russia Township Park or learning about the life of the honey bee from a special visit from an on-site resident beekeeper.)
  • Shared community spaces such as the Kendal Pool with teachers and again resident volunteers providing a wonderful experience for our Pre-K students, the Stephens Care Center courtyard garden where children can pedal tricycles in the midst of beautiful flowering (resident-maintained) gardens and visit with nursing home residents enjoying the sunshine
  • A trip on the Kendal bus to the public library, or a field trip to a local apple orchard or one of the Lorain County metro parks with resident volunteers supporting hands-on learning
  • Enjoying a spontaneous string quartet practicing in the community center, or noticing a new display of art work going up in one of the three corridor art galleries.
  • Joining our Stephen’s Care friends to make Green Eggs and Ham and celebrate Dr.Suess’ birthday or enjoying an art or music experiences planned through the creative arts department.
  • Celebrating community events together.

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