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JUDY WOODRUFF: A new report due out later this week from the National Institute on Early Education Research finds that a number of states are struggling to find ways to improve access to high quality pre-kindergarten.

Tonight, we look at a unique approach taken by a preschool in Seattle, Washington. It’s giving children life lessons that go beyond the classroom, and providing a unique opportunity to seniors.

Special correspondent Cat Wise has our report. It’s part of our Making the Grade series on education that airs every Tuesdays.

MARY MCGOVERN, Resident, Providence Mount St. Vincent: What do you see?

CHILD: A brown bear.

CHILD: A brown bear.

CAT WISE: Mary McGovern is 95 years old, and one of her favorite things to do is read to toddlers.

MARY MCGOVERN: And what is that? A bird.

CHILD: A bird.


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